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How to Draw a Sea Serpent

Artist: Catimakittycat / October 5, 2009
How to Draw a Sea Serpent

Step 1.

first you draw three circles. one for the head,chest and hips.

Step 2.

next, use curved lines to form the sea serpent's body.

Step 3.

Now you draw two circles and lines to indicate the front and back flippers.Don't forget to indicate the other two flippers! use two more lines.

Step 4.

Finish off the flippers with four curved lines.

Step 5.

Now you add the snout and horns. Use curved lines for the horns and straight lines for the snout.

Step 6.

Next you draw the face. use a curved line for the mouth. Then use three straight lines to form the eyebrow, the eye is one curved line. Don't forget to add the pupil and colored part. Use curved lines for those, too.

Step 7.

Now you add the nose, underbelly and the little tooth sticking out from the top jaw.

Step 8.

Now you add the cheek bone that separates the face from the underbelly.Add the nose hole, too

Step 9.

Finally, you erase the lines that you don't need and color in your sea serpent.

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Artist: Catimakittycat
Date Added: October 5, 2009
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Description: Today, we will learn how to draw a sea serpent! These creatures of fantasy have been around since they claimed that the world is flat. They usually lived in the waters near the "edges" of the "flat" world. They also crushed ships for no apparent reason, those ships were never seen or heard from ever again. hopefully you people will like this one! if not, please give me credit for trying!