How to Draw A Blue Flame Wolf

Artist: Dawn / May 15, 2008

Step 1.

This first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and shapes for the blue flame wolf. Starting with the head by drawing a small rounded shape with a squared snout shape. Then draw out the thick curved shape for the neck. Now move down to the tor   

Step 2.

The next step here is to start drawing out the shape of the wolf's face and ears. When you are doing this stroke your pencil to get a fur sketched look. Now work your way down to the back and sketch in his back shape of curly fur as shown. The next t   

Step 3.

As you can see you will start detailing the wolf's face. Sketch in his eye first then the tattoo markings below it. Now start to draw the long tissue from the tip of his ears. Detail the front of the snout and chin. Move down and start sketching out    

Step 4.

All you will be doing here is sketching in the fur on the back of the wolf. Sketch in the braids as well as the elongated ears. You also need to shade in the eye as it is shown to you here. When sketching the fur on his back try and sketch it so it l   

Step 5.

As you can see you are almost done with your sketch. All you will be doing here is minor shading and drawing. Detail the wolf's tail at the ends and the tip. After you do that you can move down and detail the inner hind legs and the front paws. On th   

Step 6.

Here in this last step you will be sketching out his lengthly fur that runs down the front of his leg. After you sketch the fur in, move up and sketch in the tattoos that are on his front legs and hind thigh. You don't have to copy the exact tattoo d   

Step 7.

This is what your finished wolf should look like when you are done. All you need to do is color him in. You can use the color scheme i used or you can make up your own colors. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw a blue flame wolf.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 15, 2008
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Description: Today at DragoArt we will learn how to draw a Blue Flame Wolf. What is a blue flame wolf? Why is it called a blue flame wolf? This creature is apart of the canine family. They are ancient wolfs that have arisen from the ashes of Rome. A long time ago these creatures were Athena’s guardians. They used to guard the temple of Athena. Until one day one of the wolf’s kind stole Athena’s magical robe for itself. Eventually the goddess found out and punished the whole kind to be condemned to Hades, the god of the underworld. The kind was then moved down and served Hades. They bared bright blue markings on their fur coat, void blue pupils, and blue-green markings on some parts of their coat. Hades identified each of the wolves by their varied markings. Each wolf was assigned a dirty deed for Hades, for instance, to kill someone or something, to steal, to hunt, and to retrieve souls. These are all tasks done by these cursed flamed wolves. The blue flame wolf we will be drawing has additional accessories on it. Like its tail ring and earring and braids flowing from its back. This wolf’s history is pretty messed. When this animal was a cub, Hades sent him to find a newborn baby. The cub did so and found a baby. What the cub didn’t know was that he was becoming a sinner. And so the cub brought the baby to Hades and realized what Hades was doing to newborns. The cub escaped Hades and ran off and became a mercenary wolf. He would grant others deeds for wealth and self indulgence. He soon came to be known as Blue Wolf. And to this very day, people call him Blue Wolf. Hades was furious when he found out that one of his minions had escaped. So he sent out other Blue Flame Wolves to hunt down Blue Wolf. Every single time Hades sent his minions, Blue Wolf would win. This image was done in Photoshop CS by Wacom Intuos3. The image took me three hours to draw. Two hours was because of sketching out the drawing free handedly and then coloring. The other hour was because of the background. All of the Rome mythology was fabricated. There was no such thing as Blue Flame Wolf’s in Rome. It was just written for fun. Well I hope you have fun drawing this creature!