How to Draw Emo

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In this first step what you want to do is draw out the guidelines and shapes for the body of the anime male emo kid. Start by drawing out his head with facial guidelines drawn in. Next draw a long boxed shape for his torso. From those shapes draw out   


In this next step you will be drawing out the shaping of his emo hair which hangs over to the left side of his face and eye. After that draw out the shape of his face and then draw out the lines for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Next what you will be do   


In this third step you will be detailing his clothes mostly but you still have to finish off the face. thicken hie eyebrow and sketch in some minor details on the face as shown. next detail his shirt by drawing in a collar and wrinkled lines. What yo   


To add a little kick to the whole drawing i drewin the "Emo" word on his tee. But you can draw any design you like. Detail the shirt and finish off the detailing to the pants like with the pockets. Even though most emo kids have stick skinny legs, I    


In this step we will define the slim legs for the emo kid. This pacific emo guy is wearing skinny jeans. A lot of emo people wear these types of clothes. Sketch in the strap that's on the side of the pants and you should be set for the next step.


In this very simple and small step, we will be drawing the sneakers that the emo boy is wearing. I decided to give this character some vans type of sneakers. A lot of emo kids wear Converse shoes instead of Vans. Ready for what your line art will loo   


That is it you are done. All you have to do is color in his clothes and his hair and give him a name. That was pretty fun I think. That will also do it for this tutorial on how to draw an anime emo kid. I hope you had a blast.

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May 15, 2008

Description: Today at we will be taking a step into pop culture and look at the different types of styles that is a part of culture nowadays. I will start by teaching you "how to draw emo". What is an emo kid? Emo is short for emotional. An emo kid usually depicts of sadness, anger, and fear. They also release these emotions by grotesquely cutting themselves. The most common cutting spots are the wrists, arms, and legs. Most parents that find out that their children are cutting themselves threaten them to be sent away in a mental ward. How do you identify an emo kid? Emo's usually wear all black just like Goths. Emo's wear tight black skinny jeans, skin tight shirts, studded belts, Converse shoes, studded bracelets and wrist warmers (to hide razor cuts). They also wear their hair in a certain style. Usually a long and thick piece of hair covers their eyes on one half and the other half the hair lays at the side of their face. Everyone also claims that every emo kid is depressed. This for a fact isn’t true. There are some emo kids that are very happy with life. They are normal and just like to dress emo. Most people say that happy hyper emo’s are posers. It all depends; some kids mask their emotions and pretend to be happy. Most kids today tend to do that all the time to satisfy their friends. This is also considered to be emo. What is the difference between emo and Goth? Goths on the other hand are not always depressed. However, movies and books identify them that way. Goths have a different selection of clothing and hair styles. They wear a lot of makeup, Tripp pants, Gothic dresses (for girls), Gothic crosses, pentagrams, normal band tees or Wiccan tees. Some Goths also have depression problems. They also participate in witchcraft and Satanism. But once again not all Goths are depressed. There can be happy Goths. My brother is a happy/depressed Goth but he doesn’t whine about it like most emo kids do. He also wears Tripp pants and all black as well but again he doesn’t cut himself either. Anyways, I drew this emo kid freehandedly on my Wacom Intuos3 tablet. I drew and colored it in Photoshop CS. It took me a long while to draw out a fine male emo body frame. The hair was drawn easily. I adore the red streaks in his hair as well as the studded belt. Any who, I hope this tutorial and short emo biography helps you out. Have fun drawing emo!

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