How to Draw a Bat

Artist: FlareOfAmethyst / October 30, 2008

Step 1.

Draw two circles, a smaller one a little bit above a more oval longer one.

Step 2.

Draw the line of motion down the middle of your bat and extend it a little out the bottom for the tail. Draw in the frame for the wings.

Step 3.

Draw the large ears in at the top of its head. Draw another small circle near the bottom of your bat's bat's head. This will be its mouth. Draw in the frame for your bat's legs at the bottom of the body oval.

Step 4.

Draw in your bat's fingers.

Step 5.

Add the lines in your bat's ears to make them look like ears. In the mouth circle, add a small nose and draw the mouth. Add lines to show where the neck will be.

Step 6.

Draw the outline for your bat's body. From this point on, I am erasing the guidelines that I no longer need.

Step 7.

Draw in your bat's legs. They are generally very small.

Step 8.

Flesh out your bat's wings and add the curved lines for the membrane. Make sure to attach the membrane to the tail!

Step 9.

Your bat is still eyeless, so let's give him eyes! I know, I draw all my eyes mostly the same, so feel free to give your bat whatever eyes you want. This is also the stage to add whatever details you want to your bat.

Step 10.

And here is our finished bat!

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Artist: FlareOfAmethyst
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