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Drawing Manga Eyes

Artist: samster77 / November 17, 2012
Drawing Manga Eyes

Step 1.

Start with a slightly curved line for the top of the eye

Step 2.

Draw the bottom and the side of the eye. Make the side of the eye and the top of the eye come to a bit of a point. The bottom is just a little detached line

Step 3.

Add the pupil. It is kind of a circular oval, (like my amazing grammar :P) that attaches to the top and bottom of the eye

Step 4.

Thicken the lines around the eye a bit and draw a shaped, slightly curved eyebrow. Erase any mistakes and admire your eye and on to the next tutorial!!!

Step 5.

Draw an oval. Pretty strait forward. Any questions?

Step 6.

Add the top and bottom of the eyes and thicken them slightly. Note the side of the eye meets the top in more of a curve this time

Step 7.

Add one or two little highlights in the eyes. (The little ovals)

Step 8.

Add a curved, slightly slanted up eyebrow and colour in the pupil. Erase and mistakes and move on to the last tutorial.

Step 9.

Draw a heavily curved line. (The top of the eye)

Step 10.

Add the bottom of the eye and make a very long strait eyebrow off of the top of the eye.

Step 11.

Draw a thin oval that floats slightly above the bottom line and a thin highlight at the top of the pupil

Step 12.

Add a thin eyebrow quite high up above the eye.

Step 13.

Erase your mistakes and you are done the eye!!

Step 14.

Admire your eyes!! Congrats!!!! You are finished!!! Thanks for watching!

Step 15.

Admire your eyes!! Congrats!!!! You are finished!!! Thanks for watching!

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Artist: samster77
Date Added: November 17, 2012
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Tags: draw eyes
Description: My first tutorial. How to draw manga eyes 3 simple ways Enjoy!!! Ps: sorry for the lousy photo quality. I was doing this at night with my whiteboard and iPod. :P