How to Draw a Heart Shaped Mouth

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Let us begin and the way we will do that is by drawing the left side of the mouth which is the lips forming a heart. Of course you will only draw half the heart shaped mouth.


Next, draw the right side of the mouth. Once you have finished the right side, you will see that this is the shape of the inner lining for the mouth opening.


Draw in the thick, sensual shape of the lips to complete the mouth.


As you can see you are all done. Begin adding what you will and color in the drawing.

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January 25, 2015

Description: I think this tut concept is really cool. It's an idea that came to me based on a request someone made. I was asked to make a lesson on how to draw a heart shaped mouth, and it got me thinking of a cool concept that was both sultry and smooth for the Valentine's Day Holiday. These lips are supposed to showcase the love that two people or people can have for eachother whether they are a spouse, boyfriend, lover, son, daughter, mother, or father and brother or sister. Of course we can't forget about the rest of you close friends and relatives. It could be drawn on a card to open up to something comical, or to something personal. I hope you have fun with this tut on drawing a heart shaped mouth. I shall return in a bit with another fun filled drawing lesson.

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