How to Sketch a Car

Artist: JTM93 / January 14, 2011

Step 1.

For this tutorial you will need: A ruler, an HB and 4B pencil, an effective eraser, q-tips (cotton-buds) or make-up removers (cotton-pads) or tissues, and most importantly -> a compass

Step 2.

When shading, I find it easier to achieve a smooth and consistent finish if I put a base layer of shading down first, smooth it out with a cotton-pad, then go over it again (without applying anymore pressure) and then smoothing it out again. Two laye   

Step 3.

The wheels are the most important part of the car to get correct. The advantage of drawing a car from a side view is that you can use a compass to draw the wheels. The disadvantage is that each wheel must look identical (unless the car has different    

Step 4.

There are two ways to draw a car. I will first show you the way to sketch the outline of a car completely freehand (only using a ruler in the first step). The second method is to draw a grid over your paper and your reference image and break the draw   

Step 5.

Make large, sweeping pencil strokes to define the rooflines. In the reference image I used, these lines more or less lined up with the wheels in the manner I have drawn them - I used this to help me draw them as accurately as possible. Another tip is   

Step 6.

Continue to draw the lines of the car. I have added a temporary vertical line on the drawing and the reference image to make it easier to draw the car accurately (it helps me judge how long each line should be).

Step 7.

Draw the outline of the shadows on the door panels. If you have difficulty drawing curved lines, I sometimes find it easier to draw the line in short but fluid and quick strokes. I control the strokes with my elbow and keep my forearm and wrist locke   

Step 8.

Draw the bottom of the car and the nose details. Do not worry about the finer details like the wing mirror yet.

Step 9.

Just add the final details such as the wing mirror and front headlights. This method of drawing the outline is much faster than the grid method, however you will undoubtly end up with a slightly inaccurate outline of the car.

Step 10.

I much prefer to draw any technical drawings using the grid method. To do so, you must first find a good photo of the car you want to draw. Make sure that it is quite a high resolution image and then copy it into Photoshop or Microsoft Word. Now draw   

Step 11.

Erase the grid and begin shading. Use the steps that I outlined at the beginning of the tutorial to shade. Be concious of the areas that need highlights and avoid them when shading. It is also a good idea to start shading the drawing on the left side   

Step 12.

Continue to shade the drawing.

Step 13.

Darken some of the shading and continue to improve its consistency. Begin to shade the roof and smaller sections of metal. As the shading on the main body panels is getting quite dark, you will want to have captured most of the shadows and highlights   

Step 14.

When shading the interior of the car, make sure you fist map out where the steering wheel, dashboard and seats will go. I often rush the interiors and it ends up looking average (i've did this during this drawing). Make sure you don't make this mista   

Step 15.

Now we must return to the wheels. See the next step for an in-depth guide to shading the wheels.

Step 16.

Begin by shading the darker outer tyre first but be careful not to go over the rim which must be much lighter. If you do, just erase it using a clean eraser. Don't be afraid to make the tyre quite dark - the darker the tyre, the more the highlighs on   

Step 17.

Application of the first part of Drawing Wheels Step 2. I have also started to shade the wing mirror and its shadow.

Step 18.

Application of the second part of Drawing Wheels Step 2. This is the penultimate step and I have added/lightened a lot of the highlights on the body work.

Step 19.

The final step is to add the shadow beneath the car. I often opt not to add this feature, however the tyres on this Ferrari are different sizes and it looked a little odd. The addition of a shadow hides this. When drawing the shadow, don't push hard    

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Artist: JTM93
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Description: Welcome to this in-depth guide on how to draw a realistic sports car. This tutorial is focused on drawing the new Ferrari 458 Italia; however you can apply these steps to any car. Cars are among the most impressive objects to draw but can be very difficult to pull off if you aren't methodical and patient. You will need a ruler and an HB and 4B pencil for this drawing. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and find it helpful.