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How to make and shade an eye

Artist: Vulpixfuegos / July 21, 2016
How to make and shade an eye

Step 1.

Start with the lineart. Draw the eyes.

Step 2.

Now, paint it with the character's colour eye (Or yourself etc).

Step 3.

Make a darker shade and a more darker pupil.

Step 4.

Make some "sparkles" from a lighter shade.

Step 5.

Now in another layer make a big white circle.

Step 6.

Put it "Overlay" and then it will look like this!

Step 7.

Make more "sparkles" and done! A purrfect eye in my opinion.

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Artist: Vulpixfuegos
Date Added: July 21, 2016
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Tags: how to draw eyes, how to shade
Description: Actually it's Novice because it's really easy. This tutorial is NOT for MS paint.