How to Draw Smokey Eyes

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Start by sketching out the guidelines for the eyes. This will help keep your eyes even.


Up next, draw the actual lid lines followed by the long lashes. Notice how the upper lid is dark. This is for the eyeliner.


Next, sketch out the bottom lids which will also shape out the eyes. When that is done draw the corners of the eyes and then add the nice long lashes on the bottom. The lashes are long because of the mascara.


Up next, draw the actual crease to create the top portion of the eye lid. Then draw in the eye balls which are the iris' and pupils.


We will now sketch out the eyebrows which should also be colored in. Don't forget to add that brow hair pieces so it's not completely drawn in looking.


Now for the smokey eye effect. Just lightly shade in the eyes almost up to the brows and then around the bottom just past the lower lashes. Also add some smokey shading in the corners of the eyes. Erase those guides you made in step one before you do   


This is the end result. Color in the eyes whatever shade you like whether it is blue, green, brown, hazel or what have you.

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January 9, 2017

Description: Hey there friends, I'm back again today with some fun tuts that will keep you busy for the whole day. I will start with this submission that will teach all you girls out there, how to draw smokey eyes, step by step. I love the smokey eye look when it comes to make-up. I think it's the most prettiest form of mae-up application and it also has the most dramatic effect when applied. To me, smokey eyes look amazing on women and girls who have a really nice brown eye color, but since a lot of girls out there have blue eyes, I thought making this eye model's eyes blue would be nice as well. You can however change the eye color, that is all up to you. Creating smokey eyes can be challenging task, but once you get the hang of it you can pretty much turn your eyes from plain to seductive in jiffy. I do hope you enjoy this tut on drawing smokey eyes because I think it came out beautiful.

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