How to Draw Zombie Simba, Simba From the Lion King


You will begin drawing the framing and guides for the head. Start with a circle, then draw out the snout. You will then sketch in the facial guide. When that is done you can draw out the profile of zombie Simba's face, Sketch in the nose, and line th   


Now for the full body lesson of on zombie Simba. Draw the shape of the body, then connect the two with a neck line. Sketch in the facial guides before you go.


Next, sketch out the shape of Simba's head starting with the top center. Draw out the ears, then work on the cheeks, jawline and chin. Have some of the chin hang from the chin like you see here, then add some of the premature mane fuzz.


Add detailing inside of the ears like so, then draw out the shape of the nose, followed by the top part of the mouth which is the upper lid line. When that is done draw the brows, then you can proceed to step five.


Okay, now you can begin working on the body. Start with the width of the neck, then draw the shoulder blades, chest, and front legs. I love the lion design that Disney created because they are so big like a real lion cub's paw would be.


Now that we have half the body drawn, we will continue with sketching out the back, back legs, and hind feet or paws. Draw in the toe lines which should be lined to looked arched. Sketch in the open flesh that is on the side of the stomach. Make the    


You will draw in Simba's tail in this step, Try not to forget that Simba has a tail with a long haired tuft.


Here is where all the magic happens. You will need to take your time as you sketch out all the detailing and definition on Simba's body and face. Sketch in the detailing on the inside of the ears, then tackle the face including the wound on the fore   


Here is what the finished results look like when you are all done. Now you can color him in, then you're done.

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October 10, 2012

Description: Okay guys, so I know a lot of you have been waiting all day for the submission of the zombie character I created based on the Disney lion cub, Simba. I received a whole lot of e-mails and requests from other artists asking and making suggestions for new tutorials. A bunch of them asked for "how to draw zombie Simba", step by step. When I started to think about the idea, the more I realized that I could make an awesome drawing of Simba as a zombie. So the task was on. I began the sketch earlier yesterday, I finished the coloring last night, and I tweaked the drawing and coloring today. So here is my finished sketch and colored tutorial on drawing zombie Simba. I do hope this is everything you’d expect Simba to be if he ever turned into a zombie. I had a lot of fun being creative with this tut, and I hope you will too. Adios people!

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