How to draw Zazu from the Lion King

Artist: Rorytheroman / February 4, 2013
How to draw Zazu from the Lion King

Step 1.

First, draw a large circle for his body. You will need to draw a smaller circle for his head and two tiny ones for his feet. Add in an oval for his beak and the long shapes of his wings and tail

Step 2.

Next, following your basic shapes, draw in his beak. You can also draw in the vague shape of his eye at this stage

Step 3.

Complete his eye, adding in his eyebrow, crest on the back of his head start of his neck

Step 4.

In this picture Zazu is bowing (Probably to Simba. Following your base lines, draw in his wings. On is folded forward and the other is sweeping behind him.

Step 5.

Now we will add in his feet. His right foot is the one towards the back, he is stood on his tip toes. The other is flat.

Step 6.

Your Zazu is nearly done! All you have to do know is complete his back and add in his tail. Don't forget the black and white stripes at the end of his tail

Step 7.

He is complete! Run out anything you don't need and colour! You can stick to natural colours, or, make him as wacky as you want. Post the link to your picture in the comments if you have a go XD

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Artist: Rorytheroman
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Description: How to draw Zazu from Disney's award winning 'The Lion King' If you like please let me know XD