How to Draw Wander From Wander Over Yonder

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Make a circle for the head and then the odd shape for Wander's body guide. Next, sketch in the facial guidelines, followed by the limb guides.


Using the shapes you just made, draw out the head, and the body. Notice how the body seems to have rounded edges. Draw in the piece of hair, then proceed to step three.


In this step you will draw the oversized hat. The lid or the hat is huge as is the top. The hat should resemble a cartoony cowboy hat with a star in the middle.


Draw in the noodle shaped arms and the hands which are in closed fists.


In this step draw the legs and feet, then proceed to step six.


Lastly you will draw in Wander's face starting with his big eyes. Once that is done give him an open smile exposing his teeth, then add some texture detailing to the body and shoes. Erase your mistakes and you are done.


Here is Wander from Wander Over Yonder. Color him in to add life and excitement to this character.

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August 9, 2013

Description: You can't have a tutorial on the villain from a new animated series without making a lesson on the hero. Up next we will tackle the simple task of learning "how to draw Wander" from Wander Over Yonder. He is some kind of being that looks a lot like a mini version of Gossamer from Warner Bros. He is orange and wears a greenish colored hat with a star in the center. He stays quick on his feet as he wears a pair of sneakers. Wander is a character that travels between time with his steed from place to place as they help people where they go to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest even with the threats of Lord Hater. He teaches people not to fear so they can live an eventful life. I really do think the series will do well so I am anticipating a successful airing on the 13th of September. Have fun folks and be sure to leave some feedback. Adios amigos and enjoy.

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