How to draw Yoshi from Paper Mario TTYD


That is the structure. Not simple but will do. So draw 2 circles, one for his nose and one for his head. Then draw the lines for his body and limbs.


Now begin drawing his nose and mouth like this.


Continue with his eyes and hair. Make the outer lines a little thicker than the inner ones because it is a cartoon.


Now draw the back of his head and his chick. His chick is round and big as you can see. Then move to his eyes which as you can see look kinda angry.


Finish his eyes and then move to his back. Draw his tail but do not make it too sharp. THen fix his mouth so that he smiles.


Now for his leg, let us draw a part of his shoe like this.


Ok now finish his shoe by adding some details. After that I made an emphasis on the outer line so as to make it look more like a cartoon. Last thing in this step, draw the line that separates his egg-pant from his body and his arm.


Now draw his hand like this. Carve a line for his chest and draw his other shoe of which only a small part can be seen between his hand and the first shoe.


Then move on to his right hand. Make the outer line thick again. after that add some details as you can see, such us filling in his eyes.


Ok so the main thing is done. There are only some details left. Add the white area on his chick and chest and then the dots on his egg-pant


Ok it is done! so now before moving on the last step I fix up some details so that it looks better. In specific I make some lines thicker. But you should look at your drawing for any mistakes or lines that need smoothing and such. Fix them and move t   


In this step the only thing you have to do is erase the unwanted lines (the structure) and then ink it. You can even color it now ;) it is ready! hope you found my tutorial useful!

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April 3, 2012

Description: Tutorial on how to draw Yoshi from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, step by step.

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