How to Draw the Prince Logo

Artist: xXMedicGirlXx / August 8, 2009

Step 1.

Draw a cross like this one. On the top center of the cross, draw two circles- one inside of the other.

Step 2.

This step is shown in red. Draw out the two curved lines on either side of the circles and then draw the parallel vertical lines around the center cross line. In the middle of those lines, draw another pair of short parallel lines, but this time, mak   

Step 3.

As shown in red, complete the right side of the logo and then cap off the short horizontal lines as shown. At the bottom, draw two straight lines that point at a slant upwards.

Step 4.

Finish the curve on the left side. At the end of the curve, there should be a small circle. The bottom is completed by another two connecting lines pointing downwards to form an arrow.

Step 5.

Erase all the overlapping lines and erase the guidelines and you are done! That's it! If you choose to color it in, you can use pink, gold or black- one of the three main logo colors. Don't forget to rate and leave a comment! Thank you! ^_^

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Artist: xXMedicGirlXx
Date Added: August 8, 2009
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Description: Prince Rogers Nelson was born on June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis, MN. Beginning his reign as singer extraordinaire in the 70's, Princes music is still as popular today as it once was. It's hard to name just one genre of music he made- it varies from arena rock all the way to psychedelic, making him a unique singer. His first ever album, titled "For You" released in March of 1978 and was the spark which ignited his career. Still making music today, Prince is known for many of his songs- the most popular being "Little Red Corvette", "I Wanna Be Your Lover" and "When Doves Cry." Grab a pencil and some paper and let's draw his personal logo. :D