How to Draw Nirvana Smiley Face

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First draw a circle as big as you want it. Then draw the facial guidelines for the eyes, and mouth.


Draw a thick squiggle line for the smiling mouth, and then add a tongue sticking out of the right corner.


Now draw two X's for the eyes, and make sure the lining is thick as well.


Lastly, draw another thicker circle around the one you drew in step one. This time make it appear to be a bit uneven. Erase the lines on the face, and that's it.


You now have yourself a perfectly drawn Nirvana smiley face. Color it in yellow if you like or leave it the way it is. That was fun right?

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April 9, 2010

Description: I have been sitting on this lesson for like a week already and never submitted it. Someone asked me if I could do a lesson on "how to draw Nirvana Smiley face". At first I wasn't going to do it because how ridiculous would that be to have a lesson on a simple yellow smiley face? Then I remembered that Nirvana's smiley is a bit different. The shape of the head is squiggly, the eyes are x-ed out, and the smile itself is a squiggly line as well with a tongue hanging out. I know there must be some kind of symbolism there behind the album cover design, I just don't know what it is. I searched and searched the web until I found an answer. And then I found it. Nirvana used a simple smiley design and altered it to look drunk, or high as their logo. Since Nirvana is a grunge band, and they are from Seattle, they used this design to represent their background because both grunge music and the smiley face began to become increasingly popular during the eighties. Originally the smiley face in general was developed sometime in the late sixties. As to who actually came up with the design first, is still up in the air. David Stern who is out of Seattle, claims that he is the first one to have invented the smiley back in 1967. He created it to be used for an ad campaign for a company called Washington Mutual, but unfortunately he also states that he never even thought to trademark the the yellow smiling face. This tutorial is pretty basic, you should have no problem drawing it out at all. I mean, even a six year old can draw Nirvana smiley face perfectly. I will be back later on today with some more submissions so don't waste anymore time, start drawing now! Peace out people, and have fun.

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