How to Draw the Decaforce Sword in Eisenmeteor Form

Artist: J_Mac09 / August 25, 2009

Step 1.

OK now to start off we need some basic guidelines. Lets start with one long diagonal line. At the very left most side draw a curved line. A little ways up draw 3 intersecting lines and near the top another one line.

Step 2.

OK. Here we are gonna draw the tip of the sword, the base of the blade, and the cloth ending. For the tip, at the rightmost end of the long line draw 2 diagonal lines to the end of the intersecting line. For the base, sort of curve a connection on ea   

Step 3.

OK. here at the circle you drew, draw 2 parallel lines two the bottom of the blade base. making a handle. At the top of the base, draw 2 more parallel lines to the 2 diagonal ones for the blade to form.

Step 4.

Ok. Here is where all the detailing happens. At the too diagonal lines at the tip to parallel lines. draw 2 more parallel lines making a diamond-ish shape. On the handle draw little lines representing the lining in the cloth. Right above the blade ba   

Step 5.

Ok. Final step is erasing leftover unneeded lines. Not really many. In the cloth erase about 1/3 at the top and bottom in the middle like so. Erase the guideline at the tip of the blade, in the music note pieces. As well as in the triangle and handle   

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Artist: J_Mac09
Date Added: August 25, 2009
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Description: Eisenmeteor is the Ten Commandments' default form. An unusually large iron sword, it cannot be blocked by magic as it is a non-magic sword and is useful in fights due to its weight and size. This ability proved instrumental in battling Sieg Hart. This sword was destroyed by Galein after Hamrio Musica created Ravelt using his silver claimer ability nearly killing himself for Haru. This is what we are drawing today.