How to Draw the Dancing Banana Icon

Artist: animorpher / November 22, 2008

Step 1.

Start with the basic outline--or most of it.

Step 2.

Now we finish the basic guideline in this next step.

Step 3.

Now make the circles for his eyes and his hands and feet

Step 4.

Now outline his arms and legs to make them thicker

Step 5.

Now we make his hands into pompoms. Just make a bunch of lines. I'm sorry I didn't make the final image, but you can look at the main picture for help! My next tutorial is gonna be exciting--CHARLIE THE UNICORN!!!

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Artist: animorpher
Date Added: November 22, 2008
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Tags: how to draw bananas
Description: Okay, I bet a lot of you recall this famous banana icon. He dances and says,"Peanut butter jelly time!Peanut butter jelly time!" So I hope you'll enjoy the tutorial. My next tutorial is gonna be soooo exciting. It's gonna be Charlie the Unicorn!