How to Draw Red Puckered Lips

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Okay as you can see from the image, this first step is going to be a breeze to draw. You will first start this step by drawing out some basic lines to form a general lining for the puckered lips. You will draw a long curved line in the middle and the   


Now in this step you will finish the lining for the shape of the lips themselves and then add some puckered lines around the mouth as shown. Once you do this you are ready to move down to the next step. See so far this is easy right?


Well you have made it to your last drawing step for this lesson. Now you are ready to finish drawing your puckered lips. You will first finish the mouth lines on the right side then detail the puckered lips in the middle as shown by adding the crease   


Well here you have it. You have now finished this drawing tutorial on how to draw red puckered lips step by step. Of course you can color in your lips any shade you like, I just colored mine with the most popular color that i know of. I will be back    

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October 14, 2008

Description: In this next tutorial you will be learning how to draw a set of red puckered lips. As you know lips is a very important part of the human face. Lips are very sensual, kissable, and attractive. We use our lips to talk, eat kiss, laugh, and even argue. I chose to make a tutorial on puckered lips because I think that other artist would want to learn how to draw a set of lips that are puckered. When you pucker your lips you are either getting ready to kiss a cheek, you just ate something sour, or you are saying shhh with your finger over your lip. Or maybe you are just blowing a kiss to someone. Learning to draw lips is a very simple procedure all you are doing is drawing a series of lines with curves and arches until you form a nice frame for a mouth. Woman color their lips with all kinds of lips coloring agents like lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm, chap stick, and other colored products that are available on the market for your lips. You should always keep your lips well hydrated by applying a daily lip balm or hydrating agent if you want to keep your lips smooth and soft. Wearing lipsticks and lip gloss on your mouth will quickly dry up your lips if not taken care of. In the winter most people will usually carry a tube of Chap Stick to keep their lips from getting wind-burned and dried out from the cold air. If you take care of your lips you should have no problems with roughness or chapped lips. Females are the main culprits that add sensuality to this body part in its fullest form. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw red puckered lips step by step. This is a very easy lesson and I will put it under novice in the people category. I will be back with more tutorials in a bit so stay tuned everyone there are four more tuts on the way.

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