How to Draw a Strawberry

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Okay, this first step may look odd but it is relatively easy to accomplish. All you will have to do is draw a long curved line on the edge of your drawing paper. On that shape you will then add the shape for her nose and then the line for her tongue.   


Now in this next easy step you will draw the outline of the chocolate sauce on the strawberry that usually starts in the middle of the fruit. To give your sauce some added desire, draw a dripping shape directly above the tip of the females tongue as    


Well this is the third step and normally the third step is a sign that you are almost done. But because this is such an easy lesson to learn, you are now on your last drawing step. What you will need to do here is draw out the shape of every seed on    


Once you are done with your sketch you should end up with something like the on you see here. All you have to do now is color in your drawing and you have just learned how to draw a chocolate dipped strawberry step by step.

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February 9, 2009

Description: I’m back everyone with another drawing lesson for you all and like I said before with my last one, I have a lot more coming. This next lesson is going to be on how to draw a chocolate dipped strawberry step by step. Now I know that this may seem like an odd lesson for me to submit but I am trying to draw things that pertain to Valentine’s Day. This will be the last drawing related to February 14th because I don’t want to do a bunch of stuff that will bore easily. So to keep things exciting and new, I not only drew a chocolate dipped strawberry, I also drew a girl’s mouth ready to eat the delicious fruit. I don’t know why but, candied dipping sauce has become such an “in thing” for all different kinds of fruits. There is even dipping sauce for bananas, apples, pineapples, oranges, and other fruit that is usually sweet and watery. There is no difficult part to draw for this lesson. You will learn how to draw a strawberry and a mouth at the same time, so if you think about it, you are learning two things in one drawing lesson. I hope you will all like this sketch. I did have a wicked fun time drawing it out because making fruit is always fun. You will learn how to draw a chocolate dipped strawberry step by step with easy to follow steps and simple to read instructions. I will be back in a short while with more drawing fun so stay tuned to see what else comes your way. Peace out!

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