How to Draw Super Saiyan Trunks

Artist: Dawn / December 28, 2010

Step 1.

Lets get started. First you will make the necessary guidelines and shapes that will make a workable frame for this DBZ start. Begin by making the small head shape, and then once that is done you can draw the guidelines for the face, and body frame.

Step 2.

Now you will start drawing out the body outline for Super Saiyan Trunks starting with the head, neck, shoulders, arms, and torso. Once these body parts are drawn out, you will need to add some detailing. As you can see Trunks in this form is very mus   

Step 3.

Now begin drawing the long spiky style of his Super Saiyan hairstyle. This can be done by drawing a total of four spiked rod shaped hair strands like so. When that is done draw in the pattern detail to his torso which is embedded in his suit. Add som   

Step 4.

Before drawing more of his body out, you will need to draw the legs and feet like you see here. Of course this is only an outlined shape of his legs. Once the legs are all done, you can sketch out his face in better detail by drawing the eyes, nose,    

Step 5.

Now you have reached your last drawing step. What you have to do now is finish drawing out the hair, draw the boots in better detailing, and then add all the definition and detailed lining to his body like so. This means you have to first erase the g   

Step 6.

Here it is, a finished sketch of Super Saiyan Trunks. I hope you had fun now you can color him in and show off your drawing for all to see. Thanks guys for joining me with this tutorial on how to draw Super Saiyan Trunks.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I don’t want to get into detail with this next tutorial description because the lesson is based on a very popular Dragonball Z character. The reason why I chose to do this tutorial is because it has been requested numerous of times by a bunch of different members. I figured since I haven’t drawn any DBZ characters lately, a tutorial on "how to draw Super Saiyan Trunks", step by step would suffice for now. Trunks is a DBZ figure that has a lot of skill and power behind his punch. If you are a fan of the series you already know that he is a half human, and half Saiyan. His mother is Bulma and his father is Vegeta. For those of you that don’t know, Vegeta is the prince of an alien race called the Saiyans. There are many traits that he gets from both of his parents. For instance, he takes after his mother with the lavender or purple colored hair. But even though his hair is a girly shade, his facial features are one hundred percent dad, or Vegeta. He looks so much like his father it sometimes gets creepy, especially when he is in his Saiyan mode. As far as his abilities, Trunks has superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman reflexes, and superhuman energy waves. All of his abilities are accessible through the use of his chi, but even though he is able to do all of these things, there is one ability that is his signature technique and that is called “buku-jutsu”. This ability enables him to take flight which is something that comes in handy but is not used often. Anyways, I think I can safely stop now with this description because I’m sure that you are already familiar with whom this DBZ character is. It’s time now that you learn "how to draw Super Saiyan Trunks" and when you are done you can add him to the other drawing collection you have on along with the other Dragon Ball Z figures you’ve sketched in the past. See ya folks and have an awesome time.