How to Draw Statue of Liberty Face


First, make the head shape then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Here you will draw the structure of Lady Liberty's face shape. As you can see it's very angled.


Draw in her hair that is parted and rolled under.


Now you will need to draw the eyebrows, nose bridge and then crinkle between the eyes.


The facial guidelines will be used to draw the almond shapes of her eyes, then draw the nose.


All you have to do here is draw in her mouth which is her closed lips. Add the chin arch, and then proceed to step seven.


Add the crown that rings the top of her head, then draw in the lobes of her ears.


Draw in the spikes that line her crown like so. Be sure they are long and pointed.


Add detailing to her crown then color in the marks on the crown and you are all done. Erase your mistakes too.


Here is the line art now that you are done. Now you can color her face in and show folks what you have created again.

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August 31, 2014

Description: Drawing the Statue of Liberty can be a very daunting task. That is why I wanted to make a version of her that would be easy for folks to tackle and be successful with. Here is "how to draw Statue of Liberty face", step by step. It's really Lady Liberty's face that folks really want to draw along with her torch and book. This is a very detailed drawing of Lady Liberty and with school back around I think this will be of use to those that will have to do projects on the subject. Anyways, enjoy and be sure to stick around for the one last tut that is pretty cool as well.

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