How to Draw Santa Clause, Santa, Santa Claus, Saint Nick

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Okay start this first step by drawing a perfect circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw out the bell shaped body as shown and then from the body you can go ahead and draw the limb guidelines including the shapes for the han   


In this next step you will now begin drawing out the actual shape of Santa's body and face. Start by making a curved line for the shape of the Santa hat. then make two hill like lines for the eyes. You will then draw out the beginning lining for the    


As you can see Santa Clause is starting to take form. Here in this step you will finish the lining for the hat and then make the circles for his cheeks and nose. Next draw out the shape of his left arm and both legs as well as the belt lining around    


This is the last drawing step and here is where you will finish off drawing Saint Nick. Start by adding his bushy cartoon eyebrows and then color in some pupils. You will then draw the facial line of the beard as well as the mustache. Next finish off   


When you are done this is what your Santa should look like. All you have to do now is color him in using a red and black crayon, marker or colored pencil. That is it, you have just finished this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon Santa Clause or Saint   

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September 20, 2008

Description: Hi again everyone welcome back to DragoArt once again. Today I am going to do tutorials on some interesting and well known characters. The first drawing tutorial today is going to be showing you how to draw Santa Clause or Saint Nick. I am not even going to say that most people know who this chubby old man is because the fact is everyone is familiar with Santa Clause. The myths and tales of Santa have been told for centuries by millions of people. The stories of a jolly old man are usually told to children when they reach the age of five or so. I can remember when I was told about Santa. My parents described to me what he looked like and what his main purpose was. They first told me that he was an old man that had a long white wavy beard that wore a red suede suit with white cuffs on the arms and legs. He also wore a pair of black boots, black gloves and a black belt. His mode of transportation was a fancy slay that was pulled by nine reindeer with the leader having a red nose. He resided in the North Pole and lived in a place called Santa's Village. This place was filled with working elves that made toys for boys and girls. Santa also kept a list with the names of all the children in the world. He would put check marks next to the children that were bad and they would get nothing but coal for Christmas. As we all know Santa Clause delivers toys to children on Christmas Eve. That is what my parents basically told me. But everyone that believes in Jesus Christ knows that December 25th is the day that baby Jesus was born to Mary and John from Nazareth. Kris Kringle is a mythical man that is loved by boys and girls from around the world. This tutorial will show you how to draw Saint Nick step by step. The instructions are simple and I know you will have fun. I will be back with more tutorials in a bit. Until then peace out!

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