How to Draw a Gingerbread Man

Artist: Dawn / September 21, 2008

Step 1.

Start this first simple step with guidelines to help position your gingerbread man. Start by drawing a line that goes 2/3 down the paper as shown. At the top draw another three more horizontal lines for the head and face.

Step 2.

Here in this step you will now start drawing out the shape of his stubby human body. But first draw a circle for the head and then the shape of his thick mouth or lips. You will then draw three small circles for the gingerbread buttons and then you c   

Step 3.

Here in this step you will drawing out the shape of the body and then finish the frosting decor lining on the legs. Next draw a line in the middle of the mouth and a small dot right above the top button.

Step 4.

In this last drawing step all you will do is draw the two circle shaped eyes and the small bow tie. Then outline the icing lining you already drew in previous steps. You can now erase the guidelines that you drew in step one and proceed on.

Step 5.

There you are. Your drawing should look like the one you see here. All you have to do is color him in any decoration color you want. That is it I'm outta here. You have just learned how to draw a gingerbread man step by strep. I will be back tomorrow   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 21, 2008
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Description: This will be my last tutorial for the day because I am wicked tired and it is time for me to relax. For my last tutorial I will be showing you how to draw a gingerbread man. Now the gingerbread man is a versatile character that can be used for Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. A popular fairytale is the one of two children called Hansel and Gretel. They were persuaded into going into an enormous gingerbread house that was built from cookies and every kind of candy imaginable. Another character that I absolutely adore is the gingerbread man from the movie Shrek. He is such a funny character, I never knew that a cookie could make me laugh and smile so much. A typical gingerbread man is made of what else, gingerbread. The dough is rolled out and a cookie cutter in the shape of a semi human is used to cut individual pieces out. After they are done from being baked in the oven, they are cooled and then decorated with white icing and a variety of candies such as; gum drops (which are usually used for the buttons), chocolate, m&ms, confetti candies, skittles, peppermints, candy corn and other sugary substance candy. The sweet thing about the gingerbread man is that he doesn’t only come in a stubby human form. Essentially any cookie that is made from gingerbread is called a gingerbread man. That is why they can be baked for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and even Thanksgiving. With this tutorial you will learn how to draw a gingerbread man step by step. The instructions are easy to follow which is why you will have no problems learning how to draw this delicious seasonal delight. I will be back with more drawing tutorials tomorrow folks, but just because I’m leaving doesn’t mean you should too. Stick around and make DragoArt your second home. Peace out people.