How to Draw Ron Paul

Artist: Dawn / January 10, 2008

Step 1.

Step one is to simply draw and egg shape for his head.

Step 2.

Then sketch very lightly his lower part of his face and his ears. Also make the lines for his eyes. When ever your drawing a sketch always press down lightly with your pencil on the pad.

Step 3.

Now in this step sketch his nose define the eyes more and sketch out his kind smile.

Step 4.

Here what we are doing is adding the details to his face such as his teeth, eye brows, and a couple of aging lines.

Step 5.

Here what you do is sketch out his hair, the inside lining of the ears, and the lines were his neck stops and his shirt begins.

Step 6.

In this step add more aging lines, define his eye brows by thickening them and color in his pupils.

Step 7.

He is almost done. What you do here is draw his shirt and jacket, shade in his hair lightly and a little bit more detail to his eye balls.

Step 8.

Sketch in some shading around his left eye and under his nose, and draw the begining of his tie.

Step 9.

And there you have it Congressman Ron Paul in the sketch. Erase the unwanted lines and your done. Remember let freedom reign!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 10, 2008
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Description: Who is Ron Paul you ask? That is an easy question to answer. He is a presidential candidate that a people around the U.S. believe in including me. He is a true constitutionalists, he believes that our country should be run following the constitution of the United States. To me Ron Paul is the closest is another Thomas Jefferson. We as people need to stand up and take our country back before we lose it for good. It is our duty as Americans to stand up for our rights and bring freedom back home. Two of my favorite quotes by Thomas Jefferson are; Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies and the other is; when the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. To the people that are reading this please listen to what is happening to our country. The freedom that we enjoyed and live for is being ripped away from us very discreetly, like a snake seeking out his prey. If we don’t stand up and change what is happening, I fear we will all be doomed by the hand of those with unbeatable power. All these other politicians running for the presidency for the United States of America are a bunch of actors posing for the people. And I find it sad that people are voting for candidates that can deliver a good health plan instead of who can run our country truly the best without stripping us from our civil liberties and keeping the peace and bringing back prosperity all over again. Ron Paul is our guy. Listen to him Hear what he is saying. I don’t know one American that doesn’t want freedom. Ask yourself do you want us to turn into a fascist country right before our eyes. Ron Paul, don’t just send the money to him, get up and vote for him!