How To Draw Al Pacino As Scarface


First start off drawing his head with a egg shape circle.


Now with the head shape in place, start sketching his ear and part of his face. What your doing is really just drawing the shape of a face.


Now you can sketch in his hair using your pencil lightly at first. Then lightly sketch out the lining of the eyes.


Color in his hair pressing a little harder with your sketching pencil. Move onto his nose and mouth. Sketch his eye balls as well. The best thing to do when you have to do a lot of detailing is enlarge the image to get a good look at what your suppos   


Sketch in his eye brows and don't forget to give him his scar. Put the extra details in his face like lip lines and frown lines. Tony always looks run down and tired, so the detailing has to accommodate that factor.


Now that you have that down, in this step you will be working on his shirt specifically the collar. His shirt is a button down and it's open so keep that in mind.


What you're going to be doing here is working on sketching out his shoulder and hand. Take your time and sketch very lightly.


Move onto the next hand and half of his arm. When sketching arms what I usually do is look at the shape of my own arm, it gives me a good guide to work with.


Complete both arms and move onto sketching the rest of his shirt. When I say don't press hard with your sketching pencil, I say that because it will be hard for you to erase the lines you mess up on.


What you do here is the shirt on the right hand side. He is holding a cigar in the right hand sketch that in as well. In this pose he is upset and knows that it's all crashing down on him.


This is were the hard part was for me. What you sketch in this step is all the bottles that are sitting on his desk. Sketch out half of the arm rest that is visible. He also has a neckless on so sketch that in too. Take your time and you'll do fine.


This is were you will be sketching out the chair. All you do is draw two lines with a slight curve to them and make a square half box.


Add the detailing to the top of the chair and the shadowing to give it that leather chair fell.


Put more detail in the chair paying attention to the top were the angelic face will be placed.


Now detail the angelic face. The goal in this part is to replicate the actual chair in scarface. Enlarge the image so you can see what type of detailing you need to sketch out.


This is what you should end up with after all the shading is done and the unwanted guide and sketch lines are erased. If you have any questions, don't hesitate leave a comment.

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January 13, 2008

Description: “Say hello to my little friend”, the quote that’s been heard around the world from Tony Montana played by Al Pacino. This movie was hands down one of my favorite of all time. I can still remember the first time watching it. I really had second doubts of Pacino being Italian. He played that little Cuban guy like no other role he had in his acting career. Don’t get me wrong Al Pacino is one of the best actors out there today, but the dedication this guy had in this film was phenomenal. Tony Montana was the ultimate character, he was so animated and out spoken and even funny at times. Tony and his partner in crime Manny are different but same in character. Manny is content with their change in fortune, being out of the detention camp with his new green card free to rome the streets and doing what he does best, make petty cash, and be a womanizer. Tony on the other hand wants it all. He doesn’t want to be some dishwasher in a Cuban diner or make petty cash to sustain himself. He wants the world, he wants the money and with the money comes the power and with the power comes the world and all the fruits that it provides. Even though this flick was violent, Montana was only violent we he had to be, being a d.boss and all. I would not recommend that any children watch this movie if they were under 13 years old. Scarface is a classic movie about the struggles in life, and when you finally think you make your still not as happy as you thought you would be. In the end the story was a tragedy. I show you in this tutorial how to draw one of my all time favorite characters Tony Montana. I try to make learning the steps easy but there is a butt load of detail associated with this sketch, so it will take up some time. I scanned this sketch into my comp and worked on it in Photoshop. There was a lot of detailing I couldn’t do but it came out decent enough. Have fun

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