How to Draw Red from Larva

Artist: Dawn / August 17, 2022

Step 1.

Make a medium sized circle and then some guidelines.

Step 2.

Using the facial guidelines draw out two circles for the eyes.

Step 3.

Here you will begin drawing the bumps for the brows and then the lid lines for the eyes.

Step 4.

Here you can draw the balls for the pupils and then a big grin with teeth. Add the brow lines and a few pieces of hair.

Step 5.

Go ahead and draw out the small round larva style body.

Step 6.

Add some stripes to the body and then erase the mistakes and guides.

Step 7.

Here is the line art folks. Go ahead and color in this Larva red.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 17, 2022
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Tags: how to draw worms, how to draw larva characters, how to draw larva
Description: Hey once again people. I return because there is still one more requested lesson that needs to be uploaded and that is this one on a character from a show called Larva. Here is how to draw Red, step by step. Red is the red colored Larva with the yellow stripes and his attitude is described as being a hot tempered worm that is verbally abusive to his friend yellow. This is a super simple character to draw from Larva so I'm pretty confident that you should have no problems at all replicating Red. Stick around to check out Yellow, adios amigos.