How to Draw Raptor Jasmine


Do like you did for raptor Cinderella and draw out the rounded guides for the head and body. You will then draw the guidelines for the neck, limbs and tail.


Draw the muzzle or mouth opening and then draw in Jasmine's earring style.


Draw the teeth and then draw in the eyeball. End this step by sketching the definition on the top part of the nose.


Up next, take your time as you draw in raptor Jasmine's hairstyle which should be long, thick and tied at the end. Don't forget her Arabian crown.


Draw the shape of the chest and then draw the front arms followed by the claws.


Start sketching out the dress or clothing that Jasmine wears. Add the holes and tattered style to create a concept that only a dinosaur would wear.


Draw in the other leg and then draw the stiff tail. Draw the feet or clawed toes and you are ready to erase the mistakes and guides.


This is the line art. Color in raptor Jasmine the way the real Princess Jasmine looks.

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August 16, 2015

Description: This is the second raptor concept I came up with that carried the Disney Princess theme. Here is how to draw raptor Jasmine, step by step. Both raptors carry the characteristics of the characters that they are trying to look like. I was basically basing the raptors off of some of my favorite Disney Princess characters, but you can draw in different hairstyles and clothing to create the character you like best.

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