How to Draw Mulan Easy

Artist: Dawn / May 26, 2020

Step 1.

Let's get started with drawing Mulan easy shall we. Start with a circle and then draw in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Next, using the guide you just made, define the shape of her face and then draw in the strand of hair that falls on the side of her face.

Step 3.

We will use the facial guidelines to draw in Mulan's pretty eyes as well as her arched eyebrows, nose and full set of lips.

Step 4.

Go ahead and draw the shape of her head which is created with her long black hair. Notice how I drew the hair to flow sideways.

Step 5.

Lastly, give Mulan a nice neck and then erase the mistakes and guiides.

Step 6.

You are all done. Now she is ready to be brought to life with some color.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 26, 2020
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Description: I'm sure most of you are all aware of the new rendition of Disney's Mulan in a real life type of movie style. Well, I haven't had the chance to see the new Mulan yet, but I really want to. I figured that a good, pretty lesson on how to draw Mulan easy would be something that lots of Mulan fans would love. So here is my take on drawing Mulan easy. I think you will enjoy this tutorial because she truly is simple to recreate using this lesson. Have fun and let me know if you got a chance to see the new Mulan, I would love to know how it was.