How to Draw a Disney Princess, Cinderella


Start out with the guide shapes and guidelines.


You will now use the facial guides to draw out the shape of Cinderella's face, her neck and ears.


Next, draw in her hair which is neatly combed and pulled back. Then draw out and color in her neat eyebrows.


Here you will give her some bangs and then draw in the bow. Also, draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. She has such a sweet face. So pretty.


Lastly, draw her clothes/torso. Erase the mistakes and your guides.


Here is the line art. Color her in to bring her to life.

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January 25, 2024

Description: Hey there again folks. For the last lesson of the day I'm going to show you how to draw a Disney Princess, step by step but not in your traditional style. I noticed that all these drawings and lessons have princesses drawn all done up in their grand style. These characters are princesses even when not in their beautiful ball gowns so why not draw Cinderella in her natural state and that is as the way she looks as she cares for the house, all the animals and her stepmother and sisters? I love Cinderella in this form because even though she lost everything and is being bossed around by interlopers, she manages to stay sain, stay cheerful, and stay happy. I hope you like this lesson. It's very simple so enjoy.

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