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How to Draw Near

Artist: Dawn / September 13, 2008
How to Draw Near

Step 1.

In this step we will begin by drawing the basic frame. We will do this by adding some guidelines for the face and the hands. The lines for the hands will present the fingers. We will do the same for the feet. Add circles to the joints of the body as    

Step 2.

Ok, this step should be really easy! We are only going to add slight details of the outskirts of the body. This includes the clothing, the hair, and the rest of the fingers for the right hand. Remember those guidelines for the face we drew? These wil   

Step 3.

Alright then! In this step we will now draw the lining for the hair. Like L lawliet and Light Yagami, Near's hair is going to be drawn in strands. So keep in mind while you draw the hair to make thin and curvy hair lines. This should be really easy f   

Step 4.

Ok, now this is where the character really starts to show his true colors. In this step we will fill in the extra thick and curly strands of hair to the head. Add those empty pupils to Near's face. We will now add the details to the neck and chest. A   

Step 5.

Finally this is the last and final step to finishing our Death Note character. I can't wait to finish off all those other details to Near! He's gonna look so adorable. My parents told me that he looks like he's examining a snot on his left fingers. H   

Step 6.

Yay! We are finished with this character! Isn't he so adorable?!? Did you know that Near's voice actor is a girl? When this character first appeared in the anime, I already knew that. Well, this is pretty much what your line art should look like. If    

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 13, 2008
Steps: 6
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Tags: how to draw death note characters, draw death note, how to draw death note
Description: Hi DragoArt members and visitors! I know most of the people who view these fun tutorials are visitors. Today I have another awesome treat for you. I’m trying to jot down all the tutorials for the awesome characters of Death Note. My obsession for this anime series has grown, almost everyday I watch the episodes on this special TV channel for anime. Whenever there’s a new episode on Demand, I watch it over like two times a day. So for all those Death Note and L fans, I present to you the one and only, Near (Nate River)! I’m sure all the L fan girls and guys love this character. I mean he basically has all the odd behaviors of L Lawliet. Nate River is his real name. I mean who doesn’t know his name. There’s four letters in his first and last name that spell the nickname ‘Near’. But surely you already know that. You’re probably saying to yourself,” how does she know that”? Seriously folks, I pretty much knew that after watching most of the Death Note episodes. Anyways, after L’s death, Near came along to finish what L has started. Nate asked his other orphan friend, Mello, to join forces to capture Kira. Mello rejected and wanted to find Kira by himself. A lot of people say that Mello looks more like a chick then a guy. This is absolutely true XD! He looks like a flat-chested girl who has an obsession with chocolate. In my opinion, no other Death Note character could ever beat the awesome L Lawliet (Ryuuzaki.) It’s like trying to make a character similar to Darth Vader but not as good as Darth Vader. Do you kinda get what I’m saying? Well anyways, Near is like twelve years old (he was born in 1994.) He is wicked smart too, almost genius as L. In the anime episodes, Nate River almost looks like he’s twenty. It’s kinda like how Ichigo looks like he’s twenty when he’s really fifteen. He has the build and height of a thirty or twenty year old. But I guess that’s how anime is. They direct the manga guy characters towards the girls. Just like the anime girls are directed towards the guys. It’s always common that the anime girl characters are really weak and are used by the males. For example, in Death Note, Light Yagami uses all of his girlfriends to clear up the suspicion of his work. All of that karma comes right back to him and he eventually dies. But oh well, I honestly hate Light Yagami. Ryuuzaki, Mello, and Near are my favorite characters out of all. Well, I wanted to make this character added to the tutorial collection. I want to complete all of the Death Note character tutorials. Next time I’m going to make tutorials out of Mello and Matt. I drew out my Near in Adobe Photoshop CS3. Unlike normal paper and pencil, I use a Wacom Intous3 tablet to draw and color my drawings. I guess this is time for me to leave you guys. I hope you’ll have fun learning "how to draw Near" River from Death Note. He truly is an awesome character. I shall be back soon to create more Death Note loyalties!!