How to Draw Nazo, Sonic X


Draw his head, body, arms, snout and back spikes. Nazo's chest should be up and proud.


Draw his eyes, with his eyebrows separating them. Draw a proper snout over the guideline and a mouth and nose. On the right side, draw the start of his three spikes.


Draw Nazo's ears and finish off the rest of the spikes on the left and right side.


Moving on to the body, draw his left spike, his arms and body. At the end of the arms, don't forget to draw the start of his gloves.


Draw Nazo's right spike which connects to the spike above. Draw his hands and all you need to do is color him.


Color him white or very light blue with dark green-yellow eyes.

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December 18, 2011

Description: No one knows much about Nazo. Only the SEGA creators do. He's a mysterious white hedgehog whose name means 'mystery' or 'puzzle' in Japanese. If you've seen the Sonic X official trailer, you'll see him having a minor part in there. No one really knows why he's in the trailer because he doesn't appear in any of the Sonic X episodes. No one knows if he's a hedgehog either. Chakra X from and deviantART made a movie of three parts called Nazo Unleashed. It's a really good movie.

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