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How to Draw Shadic the Hedgehog

Artist: Dialga_and_Palkia / December 20, 2011
How to Draw Shadic the Hedgehog

Step 1.

Draw the guidelines of Shadic's natural head and body. Draw his spikes, his face and arms.

Step 2.

Draw his snout, eyes mouth and the start of his head.

Step 3.

Draw his eyebrows, nose, spikes and stripes. This part I got confused a bit because the stripes and spike are on top of each other so be careful.

Step 4.

Finish off the rest of his spikes and ear.

Step 5.

Sorry if the arms in this step was a bit sloppy. I re-edited the arms in the final pic. Anyway, draw the arms hands body and back spike

Step 6.

Just color Shadic and you're done! His fur is very light blue with red stripes and red eyes. Enjoy!

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Artist: Dialga_and_Palkia
Date Added: December 20, 2011
Steps: 6
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Tags: draw sonic characters
Description: Because people on my Nazo tut were talking about Nazo Unleashed, I decided to make another tut of Shadic the Hedgehog. When Perfect Nazo nearly kills Sonic and Shadow, they go into their Hyper Forms and fuse together to create Shadic. I'm not telling anyone anymore because that will be spoiling it. =) I think I'm obsessed with drawing Sonic now!