How to Draw Dark Sonic, Dark Super Sonic


Firstly, you draw in the basic headshape of Sonic with his snout and arms. Don't copy the head because I didn't draw it properly. Just draw a good smooth circle.


Now you start drawing Sonic's proper snout, arms and body. Mind that the right arm is behind the body.


Start drawing Sonic's evil eyes. I drew the corners pointed to make it look scarier. Then when you're done draw his eyebrows and spikes.The part you're not supposed to rub out will be in black


Nearly done! You draw the top spike (Mine had to be cut off) and the ears. Just 2 more steps to go!


Yay! Now you draw the eyes and nose! Remeber that Dark Super Sonic has no eyes! Unless you're just doing Dark Sonic.


Last step! The most exciting part! You color Sonic in!! He's usually black with glowing white eyes.

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December 16, 2011

Description: My first tutorial. Should be easy. Sonic turns Dark Super when negative emotions flow through him. The difference between Dark Super Sonic and Dark Sonic is that with Dark Sonic, his eyes and skin color are shown with his fur dark navy blue. With Dark Super Sonic, his pitch black with no eyes.

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