How To Draw Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail

Artist: Ruby_X / April 3, 2013

Step 1.

First off, draw a simple circle.

Step 2.

Draw the rest of Natsu's template.

Step 3.

Start by drawing Natsu's cheeks and chin.

Step 4.

Next, draw the start of his hair, and fringe :3

Step 5.

After, draw the rest of Natsu's hair.

Step 6.

Now draw his cute face~! :D

Step 7.

Next up, start the first part of Natsu's scarf~

Step 8.

Draw the details and ruffles on the scarf

Step 9.

Draw the main layout of Natsu's fire~ ;n; Sorry if the fire layout is horrible~

Step 10.

Now, draw the rest of the scarf

Step 11.

Draw Natsu's arm and clothes.

Step 12.

Draw the detail on his clothes.

Step 13.

Finally, draw the FairyTail tattoo on his arm and the detail on his chest, and there you have it~! Natsu Dragneel~! Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, i'll be back with more ^-^

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Artist: Ruby_X
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Description: Uff~ Sorry for my absence ;n; Got to many Exams.. damn school. Anyway, here's a tutorial on how to draw one of my Favourite characters in one of my favourite Anime/Manga~! FairyTail. Sorry if the steps are messy, forgive me. Now Enjoy~! :3