How to Draw Bruce Lee

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In this first step you will be drawing out the frame of Bruce Lee. Starting at the head draw a round circle for the top half of the head and face. then draw a squared looking jaw of his jaw. Sketch in the facial guidelines to help assist you when it    


Here is where you will start to draw out the facial lining and other details. Starting at the face sketch out the shape of his eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears, and cheek definition. Then sketch in the hair line in the front and behind the ear. Neck   


This is a very short simple step because all you will be doing is shading in his hair, eyebrows, eyeballs, and arm pit hair. Sketch in all the little details on his arms and shoulders like his muscles. Detail the chain as well. After your sketch look   


And this is what your finished image of Bruce Lee should look like when you are completely done. There is really no need to color him in because he is a sketch. All you will need to do is add some shading to his nunchucks, pants, and hair because the   

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March 9, 2008

Description: In this tutorial you will be learning how to draw one of America’s famous martial arts master, Bruce Lee. I love this guy even in death; he was one of the most animated, gifted, motivated individuals that walked the face of the earth. He was born on November 20, 1940 as “Lee Juan Fan” in San Francisco. One year after his birth in the states the family traveled back to Hong Kong in a village named Kowloon. At the age of 12 years old young Bruce starting his martial arts training after being jumped by a bunch of street kids, this is what inspired him to learn how to defend himself. He was trained by “Sifu Yip Man” who taught Bruce the art of wing Chun Kung fuand for 5 years. Those brief 5 years of training is all Bruce Lee ever took in the martial arts field. Lee was a very talented and athletic young man; he took up cha cha dancing which won him an award in a major dance champion ship in Hong Kong at the age of 18. What most people didn’t know about Bruce Lee, his temper and quick fist often landed him in the Hong Kong police department quite often, so his parents then told him he should think about going back to the United States and work in a relatives restaurant back in San Francisco’s china town. After a short while he moved to Seattle Washington and enrolled in the local university to study philosophy. He also practiced quite often with his beloved Kung Fu and his techniques. In the year of 1963 he then met Linda Emery who later on became his devoted wife, later after the marriage to his wife Linda; he opened up his very own Kung Fu school on University way, years later he than met William Dozier who was looking for an oriental actor to play “Kato” on the TV series “The Green Hornet”. Eventually he met up with Raymond Chow who wanted to utilize Bruce Lee’s intense popularity amongst young Chinese fans. Chow offered him the lead role in “Fist of Fury” in 1971. The film was shot on a very low budget in Thailand and the cast and crew lived in horrible conditions, but it wasn’t all in vein because when the movie opened in Hong Kong, Fist of Fury became an astronomical hit! After seeing how the young Chinese culture adapted to Bruce Lee’s character he later starting filming “The Chinese Connection” in 1972. After another success Bruce Lee just starting playing lead roles in other films such as, “Way of the Dragon, Return of the Dragon, and Game of Death”. It wasn’t until 1973 that fans and other star associates heard the tragic news. Beloved Bruce Lee died July 27, 1973 in his apartment after taking an aspirin for an annoying headache. That is only a total of 33 years of life that he was left to live, when he passed he left behind his wife Linda, his son Brandon, and his young daughter Michelle. After his death the movie” Enter the Dragon” was released. This is another tragic story of a genuine gifted superstar that had a ton of charisma. He lives on in his movies and will always be an inspiration for young children and adults for his unique martial arts techniques. This tutorial will show you "how to draw Bruce Lee step by step". I used a movie still from my DVD and sketch one of his most popular stands. I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and have fun.

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