How to Draw Mechanicles

Artist: AnArmA / June 8, 2010

Step 1.

to start with, we'll layout his basic structure. just a stick figure..

Step 2.

we'll go part by part. first start with the head.ears, a big stretched nose, a line to denote his mean smile, an beard..

Step 3.

his right eye has this lens type thingy.. draw it out

Step 4.

now we'll give his big nose some shape. n also draw out his mouth n a line to denote his teeth.

Step 5.

we'll draw out his clothes here. basically he wears an apron type.

Step 6.

draw his both hands and legs. lookout for hands that they are going to meet each other. keep that in mind

Step 7.

make his hand fingers. right palm is on top. also draw out his toes.

Step 8.

well, as u guessed, erase the guidelines. so we'll have a much cleaner image to work on

Step 9.

he has these strange hairs. looks to me like a hat. anyways draw them. n eyebrow on his left eye.

Step 10.

just about to finish now. draw out his shawl. n sandals.

Step 11.

just erase off unnecessary lines n we're done.

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Artist: AnArmA
Date Added: June 8, 2010
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Tags: draw aladdin, draw aladdin characters, how to draw aladdin characters, how to draw aladdin
Description: hey there artists.. having fun with drawing.. well today I'm gonna submit a tutorial on Mechanicles, a villain character from Aladdin series. I was watching it and suddenly got into my mind to make a tut on it. I had some other characters for the tut also, but he got me.. his main point of attraction - he writes everything so that he can use it in future. well enough of him. let's draw.. have fun. keep smilin n keep drawing..