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How to Draw Chibi Genie

Artist: Dawn / August 15, 2014
How to Draw Chibi Genie

Step 1.

You will draw the head shape as well as the ear. When that is done you will thicken the chin line to ready Genie for his beard.

Step 2.

Next, draw the opposite ear, add inner ear detailing, then color in the eyes, different expressive eyebrows, and then his one ponytail.

Step 3.

For this third step all you need to draw the arm and chibi style hand. Add the notch to create fingers.

Step 4.

Add one more finger and that's it for now.

Step 5.

You are almost done with drawing chibi Genie so what I want you to do now is draw the chest, stomach, back and tapered wispy tail.

Step 6.

Add his bracelet to the left arm, then draw the right arm tucked away behind him.

Step 7.

Lastly, finish drawing the beard then color it in. Add the tummy belly button, then draw Genie's pant top. Add a smoking flame, then you can erase the mistakes.

Step 8.

That's it, you are done drawing chibi Genie. Now you can have an enormous amount of fun coloring him in.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 15, 2014
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Tags: how to draw aladdin characters, how to draw aladdin
Description: How many of you love Aladdin? Well, I love the Disney film and to celebrate Robin Williams life I wanted to do a lesson on one of his more recognizable characters and this is it. Here is "how to draw chibi Genie", step by step. Genie is my favorite character along with Aladdin and Abu. It was really fun recreating Genie in chibi form and I love how cute he ended up coming out. Enjoy this tut folks and remember to rate, fav and comment.