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How to Draw Logan Lerman, Logan Lerman, Percy Jackson

Artist: Dawn / July 21, 2011
How to Draw Logan Lerman, Logan Lerman, Percy Jackson

Step 1.

Make a perfect circle for the head or face of Logan, and then add in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Begin sketching out the actual shape of Logan's face structure from a 3/4 view profile. The brow bone and cheek should be somewhat prominent, and his chin is sort of long and slopped.

Step 3.

Now lets tackle the task of sketching out the entire hairstyle which is puffy and long and parted to the right like you see here. The edges of the hair should be drawn with plenty of waves and detail. Instead of being stiff, be sure that the texture    

Step 4.

Using the facial guides that you drew in step one, you can now start sketching out the shapes of his small slanted eyes. The top lid lines should be darker and bolder then the bottoms. Sketch in some eyelashes and lids like so, and then add detailing   

Step 5.

Okay, using a scratchy stroke, begin sketching in the eyebrows which are sort of long and thin for a male. Draw in the eyeballs, and then color in some pupils. Add bottom lashes, and then more eye definition.

Step 6.

Simply sketch out the side view of the nose and then draw in the nostril. Draw the top lip line and move to step seven.

Step 7.

Finish sketching out his mouth by making the top and bottom lip. Sketch the frown line on the corner of the mouth and then add that cliff above the lip.

Step 8.

Draw out the neck, and then sketch out the back of the neck which is also the back part of his hooded sweater. Draw the shoulder line and add some stitching detailing to the clothing too.

Step 9.

Before you tackle the last drawing step, all you have to do is clean up the drawing by erasing the lines and shapes. Sketch the detailing for his hair, and then tweak the image to perfection.

Step 10.

Here is Logan Lerman when you are all done, now you can either add some color, or like always leave your drawing as a sketch. Thanks guys for joining me with this lesson on how to draw Logan Lerman or as we know him Percy Jackson.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 21, 2011
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Description: I have been prolonging the task of filling a request made by so many people. The only reason why I didn’t make a tutorial on "how to draw Logan Lerman", step by step earlier, is because I just didn’t feel like drawing his face. It’s not that he annoys me or anything, it’s more like he looks like another actor that I’m not a fan of. Have you ever looked at Logan Lerman and noticed that he looks just like Christian Slater? If you’re unsure who Christian Slater is, just Google the name and you will find out exactly who I’m talking about. When Logan plays Percy Jackson, he acts and sounds just like Slater so much, I started to think that maybe it was his son or something. Anyways, Logan Lerman was born on July 19, 1992 in Beverly Hills California. Right away he already has the upper hand to stardom just by being a Beverly Hills baby. Like all actors Logan began loving films and knew at an early age that he wanted to be an actor. He started out his career by doing commercials at first during the nineties, and then worked alongside Mel Gibson as one of his sons in the movie 'The Patriot'. It doesn’t stop there, instead of playing the son of Mel Gibson’s character; he actually played a younger version of Gibson in ‘What Women Want’. His acting career was on track and the more he put his name and face out there, the more jobs kept coming in. I never knew this, but Logan Lerman was actually in one of my favorite movies ‘The Butterfly Effect’. He played the seven year old version of Ashton Kutcher’s character Evan. Now even though he has been in some pretty good flicks that I could watch a few times over, his most noted film that actually made him a pop culture star is as you may know ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief’. Now that you know a little bit about this black haired blue eyed star, it’s time to learn "how to draw Logan Lerman". I know you have been waiting a long time for him, so now here he is. Have fun guys, and let me know what you think. Peace people and try to stay cool today during the heat wave.