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Quite possibly the greatest fictional character ever created, Lestat hails as the most magnificent vampire of our time. Tom Cruise portrayed the nightwalker with perfect in the film, Interview With the Vampire. To draw Lestat, let's first insert some   


Before we can draw details or clothing, it's a good idea to expand on our construction guide lines by draw the basic human figure. This will make it much easier to apply clothing and it will ensure that the figure is proportionate. Also sketch in the   


Let's begin by working on the eyes. Lestat has very bold eyes. He's the undead, after all. His pupils should not be filled in with black like an ordinary human's. His eyebrows should be slightly furrowed. Be sure to draw a crease beneath the eye sock   


Since we are drawing Tom Cruise as Lestat, we have to draw the nose right. Tom Cruise is known for having a somewhat large nose with a strong bridge.


The mouth is incredibly important. Lestat is arrogant and smug, so it's best to draw the lips with a slight smirk. Be sure to draw the bottom lip at least twice as thick as the upper lip. He should be showing his teeth so we can see his fangs. The fa   


Draw the contours of the jaw and lower face. You can insert the ears, but much of the ears will be covered up by hair in a later step. When drawing the chin, be sure to draw a small crease where the lower lip meets the top of the chin.


Before we draw the hair, let's first draw his right hand which will be brushing hair out of his face. You will probably need to erase some of the contours of the face, as I did. The thumb should not be visible, and notice how the pinky finger is part   


Lestat has thick, wavy, long, blonde hair. It should have a part at the right side of the top of the head and fall loosely on either side of the face. Have a few strands of hair wrapping over the fingers as it is being brushed aside. The hair on the    


Let's start working on the clothing by first drawing the sleeve for the right arm. He was often seen wearing a puffy linen shirt. The shirt has a lot of loose fabric that wrinkles easily and is bunched up at the wrists. To give the arm a sense of dep   


Draw the rest of the shirt with the chest open. Notice that there are a lot of wrinkles covering the shirt. The wrinkles always flow in the general direction of the nearest body joint that is pulling at the fabric - notice how the wrinkles on the lef   


Draw his neck and upper chest muscles. His neck tendons should be prominent, but not overly muscular looking.


For fun, add a thin stream of blood trickling down from his lips.


Now that all our pencil marks are in place, ink the image using either a brush and ink or Micron markers. Be patient and make sure not to accidentally ink any unneeded guide lines. Erase your pencil marks with a kneaded eraser after the ink is dry.


To add a great sense of depth to the image, we should shade is with black ink or a fat felt tipped marker. Establish your light source (in this case it is coming from the upper left side of the page) and draw heavy black shadows on the opposite side    


Do any needed final touches or corrections. In this case, I added extra shadow to the fingers and hand. I also used white ink and a brush to draw a few highlights along the jaw, neck, and hair to help these features stand out better. And that's it! T   

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March 16, 2013

Description: A step by step guide on how to draw Lestat, as portrayed by Tom Cruise in Interview With the Vampire, in a comic book style.

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