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How to Draw Korra, Korra, Legend of Korra

Artist: Dawn / July 26, 2011
How to Draw Korra, Korra, Legend of Korra

Step 1.

Lets get started shall we? Make a head shape and then draw in the simple lines that will form the body of Korra's mannequin.

Step 2.

This is a five part step that will show you how to draw Korra's head and face. Start by sketching out the structure of her face, and then draw in her bangs which are brushed to the left side. Next, draw in her intense shaped eyes, and then eyebrows.    

Step 3.

Now that you have the head and face drawn out, you can sketch in the neck, and then draw out her sleeveless shirt collar as well as the shoulders and some of the upper arms. Draw the shapes of her breasts, and then move to step four.

Step 4.

Continue to draw out the sleeves at the shoulder, and then draw out the torso and waist. Draw the sides of her body and then add the folds and wrinkles for her clothing.

Step 5.

Step five is going to show you how to draw Korra's left arm, and when you get that done draw the outer lining for her forearm bracelet. Draw her hand like so, and then move to step six.

Step 6.

Next, repeat the same thing that you did in step five and draw out the right arm, forearm wristband, and then her hand. You are almost done, so keep on going.

Step 7.

All you need to do here is draw out the hanging skin like sash that she wears around her waist and draw in the buckle that holds it up. Sketch in the ends of the cloth to look serrated and then draw a marking line on both ends.

Step 8.

Draw in the pointed shaped piece of clothing that hangs in front of her legs. Once that is done draw the pants and be sure that they are loose fitting and real baggy at the ends. Draw the ends of the pants in a tucked under manner because they will b   

Step 9.

Sketch out her boots and notice that the tops are puffy just like Eskimo boots. Draw the tops of her boots, and then start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up the drawing.

Step 10.

Here is what she looks like when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color her in to finish this tutorial off. Thanks for joining me with this tutorial on how to draw Korra.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 26, 2011
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Description: Well, there is finally a face to the new Avatar and her name is Korra. A while back I submitted a lesson on Korra but it was only a sneak peek at what she might look like and when I say might I mean a back view of her. Now that there is new information and even pictures on what the new Avatar looks like, I wanted to make another lesson on "how to draw Korra", step by step. Some of the facts that I wrote before still hold ground. For instance, she is definitely an older teen around sixteen to seventeen years old, she is a Waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe, and she is definitely the next Avatar. The creators and writers are still sticking with making her a hotheaded girl with a lot of heart, and she is also full of drive and determination. Some of her background is clearer then what it was. I found out that she was born after Aang died, and even though there is not much to her early life from lack of character bio, I do know that at some point Korra came to the conclusion that she was the next Avatar. What I don’t know is if anyone told her, or maybe she had a dream from a spirit guide, or maybe she knew that she was the Avatar after finding out that she can bend more than just water. So far she has already mastered three elements and they are; Water, Earth, and Fire. Her mission is to find Tenzin, Aang and Katara’s son to learn and master the art of Airbending and to master the Avatar State. Along the way to the United Republic she picks up some new friends, and together Team Korra will defeat the anti-bending group the Equalist. No matter if you are going to draw Korra or Aang, just the two being the Avatar should make them fun figures to draw. Thanks guys for joining me with this lesson, I will be back again with more drawing fun so stay tuned in.