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how to draw koki from wild kratts

Artist: angryburrito12 / August 8, 2014
how to draw koki from wild kratts

Step 1.

start to sketch out the guidelines.

Step 2.

start to draw her head and ears. draw her big pretty eyes, and her lips.

Step 3.

draw out her hair, which is an afro kept back with a head band, finish the eyes, ear detailing, her ears have multiple piercings, and her cute freckles.

Step 4.

draw her neck, shoulders, torso, and arms.

Step 5.

draw her legs, feet, and finish any detailing.

Step 6.

erase the mistakes and guidelines, and now all you do is color her in!

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Artist: angryburrito12
Date Added: August 8, 2014
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Tags: how to draw wild kratts
Description: yes i know this is not very good, but i am not very good. anyway, i love Koki! she is loyal, and she's got a sharp wit, she's a computer wiz, even though she is easily grossed out, she always tries her best.