how to draw Wild kratts style


here is a diagram of what the creature power suit differences between a male and female might look like if there were a CPS (creature power suit) for one of the girls.


Here are the guidelines. I labeled the female and male guideline differences to, and the labels are there in the later steps to.


start to draw the head, ears, nose, and mouth as well as the brows.


draw the eyeballs (pupils, iris, etc) and neck, arms, and upper body.


draw the upper body, (torso, stomach) and legs. I'm sure you all know that females are more curvy then males, thus harder to draw.


Draw the hair, the guys' hair is short, and sort of messy, and the girls' is longer and neater, in a braid.


color them in however you want, this is just an example, also, clothe them however you want, i just put them in a diving suit of sorts so they're not naked, but i know it's nice to pick what you want them to wear so that's why they're in undergarmen   

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July 10, 2014

Description: Now, I know this isn't the best tutorial, but it will help you get the idea. I hope you have fun on this tutorial, because it took a while to do it.

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