How to Draw Kaa from Jungle Book


Begin with a head guide then draw a long line for the body. Add the facial guideline as well.


Begin drawing the top part of Kaa's face which is the snout of the snake. Draw an opening shape for where the mouth will be as well as the smile line and dimple.


Here you will draw Kaa's head and cheek, then make the bumps part of the brows shape.


Finish drawing his eyes like so, and make sure that they are in a deceiving stare.


Make the markings on the face and snout which are in a vertical pattern to represent scales. Draw in the slithering tongue with a fork end top.


Begin drawing the body starting under the jaw or cheek and ending with a tail tip.


Finish drawing Kaa's bulky body like so, then proceed to step eight which is also the last drawing step.


All you have to do here is draw in the horizontal scales on the belly, and then draw the spots that flow down the neck, back and body. Erase whatever mistakes you made followed by the guides.


Here is what the line art looks like when you are all done. Color Kaa in and start something new.

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September 5, 2014

Description: So in 2015 there is going to be a new release of the Disney classic 'The Jungle Book'. I will be uploading some tuts on some of the main characters that will be seen in the new film because they are part of the Jungle Book story. Here is "how to draw Kaa", step by step. Many questions arise when we see Kaa for the first time with one of them being what kind of snake is Kaa? The answer to that question remains unknown to me because all Disney says is that he is an enormous snake. Drawing Kaa is going to take you back to your childhood and be exciting to tackle and complete. Keep an eye out for other Jungle Book character lessons coming your way.

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