How to Draw James Hetfield, Metallica, James Hetfield

Artist: Dawn / July 7, 2011

Step 1.

You are about to draw James Hetfield. Begin by sketching out the shape of a candy corn. The reason why the head shape is like this is because James has a screaming expression on his face which elongates the jaw. Sketch in the face guides and move to    

Step 2.

All you have to do here is sketch out the shape or structure of James face. This is easy because the shape of the face is the same as the shape you drew in step one. Draw in the hair line as well as the ear.

Step 3.

All three members are wearing glasses which eliminates the need to draw out their eyes. You will now sketch out the sunglasses like so, and then sketch out his nose. Take your time so you end up with quality.

Step 4.

Lightly sketch out the small wrinkles on the sides of the bridge of his nose, and then draw in the long frown lines that start at the bottom of his nostrils. Draw out the shape or outline of the mouth and then move to the next step.

Step 5.

James is giving us his famous scream. Because of this you will need to carefully sketch out his top and bottom row of teeth as well as the gum line. When that is done draw out the tongue and detail it as well. Did you ever imagine that drawing the me   

Step 6.

Okay, color in the front part of James' shades like so, but leave two white streaks on each lens for the glare. When that is done, slowly sketch out his mustache that grows long from the top of the lip, to the sides of his mouth and down to the sides   

Step 7.

James went from having the classic eighties long hairdo to a short but still cool and stylish cut. You will now be sketching out his hair and be sure to use a wavy stroke and add points at the tips of his would be bangs. Sketch in detailing for the h   

Step 8.

All you have to do here is sketch in the back of his hair which rests on his neck. Then draw out his neck and then sketch out the lining that forms his tee, and shoulders. The lining should be uneven, and the left side should have folds, layers, and    

Step 9.

All you have to do to the last drawing step is to first erase the shapes and guides you drew in step one, and then draw in the trim for his short collar, as well as all the crinkles, wrinkles, and creases to add detailing to his tee.

Step 10.

That's it guys, you are all done. Now you can go ahead and either color this portrait in, or leave James Hetfield as a sketch. I do hope you had fun, and be sure to let me know what you think.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I wanted to upload a few really cool lessons that I know folks would love to see on Dragoart. For so long I have been getting requests to make tutorials of the three main, original members of Metallica. I myself am a huge fan of this heavy metal band, but unfortunately I never had the pleasure to see them perform in concert. Both of my parents went to see Metallica back in the late eighties when they released their 'And Justice for All' album. My mom said that when they got on stage and performed Fade to Black, they freakin rocked. This first tutorial is going to be on "how to draw James Hetfield", step by step. For all you Metallica fans you already know that he is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. James was born in Downey California on August 3rd, 1963, and as of today he is around forty seven years old. Some facts about James life is pretty surprising because you would never think that such a person came from an upbringing or background like he did. When I say this I mean, he comes from a Christian Scientist religion which basically means his parents and family don’t believe in using medicines or other forms of medical treatment. Some folks call this ‘Scientology’ and actors like John Travolta and Tom Cruise are some people from Hollywood that also follow this belief and faith. James on the other hand is against it, and you can hear how much he resents the beliefs of his family in some of his early songs. He lost his mother to cancer because she never seeked treatment to try and cure her illness. At a young age Hetfield began his musical adventure. When he was nine he started playing the piano, and soon after it was the drums. It wasn’t until he was fourteen before he began experimenting with guitar. When asked what some of his inspiring bands where growing up as a child, he named a few that we know of like Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, and of course one of his favorite, Motorhead. When the band Metallica first started out it was he and Lars Ulrich that started out, and later Dave Mustaine, and before Cliff Burton was the bassist, Ron McGovney was the bass player. After about a year Hetfield and Mustaine clashed heads over Dave’s heavy drinking. He was soon replaced by the incredibly talented Kirk Hammett, and then Cliff joined in soon after. As far as his personal life goes, he is married with three children, and when James Hetfield is not on tour or busy with the band, he likes to go out and restore vintage cars, motorcycles and yes guitars. Metallica was one of the first bands to come out and make a name for themselves and bring heavy metal to a new level. I will never forget the songs and all the incredible guitar solos that have so much meaning, style, and full of rebellion. I do hope you enjoy learning "how to draw James Hetfield", the image was referenced from the St. Anger album. Thanks guys and enjoy!