How to Draw Inuyasha

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Okay, first things first. Draw out the shape of the head with a small circle and then a funny shaped swirl coming from the left side of his head. Next draw a line for his neck and then the entire shape or outline for his body. As you can see I drew t   


What you will be doing first in this step is drawing or sketching out the front part of his hair style. The front part part of the hair is what I like to call bangs. After you sketch that out you can now shape his face into a pointed chin and squared   


This is the part were you will sketch in his facial features. Start with the eyes. Drawing Manga eyes is an extremely simple thing to do. I actually submitted a tutorial on how to draw Manga eyes if you have trouble doing so. Anyways, the next step i   


In this step what you will be doing is sketching, sketching and more sketching. You will be detailing and defining his entire Hitoe. Start by sketching some more of his hair on the left that falls behind him and then start sketching in the lining for   


Before you move any further you should now start to erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew back in step one. A tip for you: you should start erasing guidelines after you feel that you don't need them anymore or when they serve no propose.    


After your sketch is cleaned up you should end up with something like the image above. That wasn't to bad now was it. Your drawing of this popular animated character is now finished. Color him in and add him to your anime collection. That will do it    

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July 15, 2008

Description: Today at we will be learning how to draw the amazing and wildly popular half demon, InuYasha. Don't forget to visit this tutorial on how to draw chibi Inuyasha. I watch this show so many times limitlessly on adult swim. Adult Swim can be watched on Cartoon Network at twelve. I think at this time all of the really good cartoons are on. I’ve been watching InuYasha when my friend Lacie showed me what it was. I watched it with her one day and I started liking it. Anyways, I’m going to now give a useful and awesome brief bio about this Manga character. InuYasha is a half dog demon. He has an older half brother whose name is Sesshoumaru. His brother is a full blooded dog demon unlike InuYasha. He has an evil greed for InuYasha’s powerful sword called the Tetsusaiga. Unfortunately for him, the sword has a spell on it that full blooded demons cannot use it. If the hands of a full demon attempt to touch it, it would burn away their flesh. So anyways, InuYasha has a desire for the shards of the Jewel of Four Souls. He once had it in his hands until a villager named Kikyo pinned him to a tree with an arrow. He was brutally hurt from it and lost control of the Jewel of Four Souls. Kikyo’s sister Kaede was told to take the jewel and burn it into her body to prevent evil from getting it. Since the jewel attracted more demons, it was shattered during a fight with a Carrion crow demon. Well that’s pretty much all I have to say about the bio. This show is truly awesome. I already told you that I watch it almost every night and it’s on adult swim. I drew InuYasha out of inspiration of the shows. My favorite episode is when he is enraged and kinda transforms into a demon when he’s fighting with Sesshoumaru. What I think that’s funny about this Manga character is that he wears this red huge Hitoe. I mean doesn’t he get hot wearing that as he fights? Oh and another thing that I wonder about this Manga show is that they insult way too much to make things funny. I also can’t stand the relationship between him and Kagome; I mean it’s pretty ridiculous. They have such ‘hard feelings’ for each other, but when the time comes they repel. Come on now what the hell? Where’s the love? Well, that’s just the cons I opinionate about this cool show. Nevertheless, the cartoon is overall pretty sweet. It has some awesomeness fighting and stuff. So yeah, here’s the finished picture of my version of InuYasha. I think the image came out awesome. It took me forever to draw, but I think it came out with rad results XD. I colored the image in Adobe Photoshop CS, my top #1 favorite drawing program. So I hope you enjoy this tutorial, I made it especially for all you InuYasha fans =3. Peace out and JOIN DRAGOART DAMN YOU!!! Ahahaha Sean Connery moments lol ^o^

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