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How to Draw Iki, Off White

Artist: JustMe / March 20, 2012
How to Draw Iki, Off White

Step 1.

ok step 1, first draw the 'skeleton'. start with some simple circles for the head, legs and the chest.

Step 2.

oke people! now draw the head (: don't forget the nose and his mouth.!

Step 3.

now draw his front legs, and the fur around his neck.

Step 4.

and now finish drawing his legs! :D now you're almost done.. (:

Step 5.

now draw his eyes and add some more detail in his fur, this doesn't have to be the exact same as shown in the pic.

Step 6.

and now the last thing to draw, the mark around his eyes, which means that he is the white spirit! (: if you want to draw a normal wolf pup you can also leave the marks and just draw his eyes :D

Step 7.

so.. here you can see the lineart..

Step 8.

now add some shadows and colour! :D this was the end of my tut, let me know what u think of it (: i hope you guys liked it :3

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Artist: JustMe
Date Added: March 20, 2012
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Tags: how to draw off white, how to draw off white characters
Description: hi People! i'm back with a new tutorial! :3 this 1 is about how to draw Iki, it's my fave character from Off White. i really like him because he's like so clumsy and so cute! :D