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How to Draw Iki and Kaya, Off White

Artist: JustMe / March 24, 2012
How to Draw Iki and Kaya, Off White

Step 1.

ok i'll start with the pic of them together :) first off, draw 2 circles for their heads.

Step 2.

then draw the shape of Kaya's head..

Step 3.

then draw iki's head..

Step 4.

now you have to add some detail in his head, also add his eye.

Step 5.

now add detail in Kaya's head..

Step 6.

srry guys, i forgot to do Iki's tongue in the last pic, that's why it looks so weird..

Step 7.

and when you're done you can add some colors and shadow if you like :)

Step 8.

ok now i'll start with the Iki tut. first draw some circles for his head and legs.

Step 9.

now draw his head. and add some detail as shown..

Step 10.

then draw his front legs..

Step 11.

now draw his back, and his tail..

Step 12.

then add some color and shadow.. if you like you can add his mark around his eyes.

Step 13.

now start with kaya.. first draw her 'skelet' as shown in the picture..

Step 14.

now draw her head..

Step 15.

now draw her head..

Step 16.

then draw her front legs..

Step 17.

now draw her body and her tail.

Step 18.

and last but not least draw her legs..

Step 19.

now color her in and add shadows.. this was my tut.. i hope you guys like it :D

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Artist: JustMe
Date Added: March 24, 2012
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Tags: how to draw off white, how to draw off white characters
Description: heyy! today i'll upload a new tutorial which is about how to draw Iki and Kaya, i have 1 pic of them together, 1 of iki and 1 of Kaya. :D i hope you guys like it :3