How to Draw Grampu

Artist: Dawn / December 6, 2016
How to Draw Grampu

Step 1.

Make a circle for the hand guide and then sketch in the facial guideline.

Step 2.

Use the guide to make the left side of the hand. Once that is done you can draw the fingers which are in a curled pose. Add the knuckle creases and the nail beds.

Step 3.

For this step you will draw in the rest of the curled over fingers and then the thumb. Add the palm indents and then you are ready for step four.

Step 4.

You can now draw some of the arm and then draw the round bobble eyes. Color in some pupils and then you can start erasing the guides and mistakes.

Step 5.

Here is the line art when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color Grumpu in. Don't forget the arm hair too.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 6, 2016
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Description: Hey guys welcome back to another fun filled lesson. Today I have a lot of exciting tutorials that I think everyone will enjoy. I'm going to start with a request which was made last week. Someone asked if I could do a tut on how to draw Grampu, step by step. Now, Grampu is from the children's television series Oobi. The show centers around a hand puppet named Oobi. All the characters in the series are hands and not in the cartoon form like you see this lesson in. The person who asked for Grampu wanted the lesson to be in a cartoon style so that is how I made it. I realize that I will also have to make a lesson on how to draw Oobi as well. Anyways, for now enjoy this lesson. It shouldn't be too hard since it's a cartoon style concept. I shall return so stick around.