How to Draw Frieza Easy, Dragon Ball Z


We will start this tutorial by drawing the side profile of Frieza. Let's start with a circle shape for the head guide, then begin sketching out the profile for the face. This should include the nose, mouth, and jaw line. When that is done, draw the t   


Now we will draw out Frieza in a front view. Start again by drawing a circle for the head, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Sketch out the structure of the head, face, and ears like so. Notice how Frieza's face is sort of chiseled.


Sketch out the long shapes of his eyes, then draw the small button nose as well as his villainous grin. Add the marks under the eyes too.


Okay guys you are almost done. Draw out the lining around the top part of Frieza's head like so, then draw in the crinkles or wrinkles between the eyes. You will add the frown lines around the mouth, then add an arch for the chin. Detail the ears lik   


Here is where you will draw the top portion of Frieza's body. Instead of going with just a head shot, I thought making some of his torso would be appreciated. Start by sketching out the shape of his neck, then draw in the shoulders, and arms which ar   


Lastly, all you will be doing is sketching in all the body detailing and definition. Do this first by sketching out the bone definition on the neck, then draw in the chest as well as the chest muscles. Add the markings on each shoulder, then you are    


Here is Frieza all ready to be colored in. I hope you enjoyed drawing this awesome character from the Dragon Ball series.

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June 3, 2012

Description: I was waiting for the right time to upload some much wanted and requested lessons that have been longed for by many Dragon Ball fans. I will start my drawing day by showing you guys "how to draw Frieza easy", step by step. This guys is what you call one of the baddest villains from the DBZ series. I have always been a fan of Frieza, and I know there are millions of other people that love, and hate this figure. I have an old tutorial on drawing Frieza the regular way, but if you ask me, I definitely like this version of Frieza better. He is going to be much more simpler to replicate which means you should have a relatively easy time drawing Dragon Ball characters when it comes to Frieza. Another way to spell his name is Freeza, but I like spelling it the other way. Well, that's all I have to say about this character tutorial. I will be back with four more lessons for you all to enjoy. Adios people and have fun.

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