How to Draw Cell Easy, Dragon Ball Z

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Again, we will start this tutorial by tackling a step that will have you drawing Cell's side profile in no time at all. Begin with a circle for the head and then draw the helmet or head of his genetic make-up. His head is cone shaped, so be sure to d   


Now lets draw the front view of Cell. Start by making an oval or egg shape. Sketch in the facial guides, then you are ready to proceed to step three.


Here you will draw the high pitched cone shapes for the helmet, then draw the top of the head. Make the lining to form out the half part of the face that is covered by the helmet.


You will now detail Cell's helmet then sketch in the wrinkling on the brow like so. Sketch out the structure of Cell's face and be sure to add all appropriate definitions.


You will now sketch in all the detailing around the face which is the lining that frames the face. Draw the eyes, then make the cyan lines down the face. You will also need to sketch in the small nose and his devilish grin.


Now is the time to finish drawing Cell easy. You will sketch out the wide shape of his muscular neck, then add all the detailing that follows. Draw the angled lines that makes up the shoulders and the padding which is also part of Cell's design. The    


Here is what Cell looks like when you are all done. Color him in to really finish the devilish Cell off. Now you have another character from Dragon Ball Z to add to your drawing collection.

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June 3, 2012

Description: Remember when I said that Frieza was one of the most horrific villains from the Dragon Ball series? Well, to me Cell is probably the most dangerous super villain of all. This lesson is going to be on "how to draw Cell easy", step by step. Yes, folks have asked for this tutorial ever since the easy lessons have been going up on Dragoart. I mean, look at this guy's face. Everything about him screams evil. Cell was created by Dr. Gero, and Gero's intent for Cells creation was to have a being that had all the powers and abilities as all of the fighters that has been studied by Gero on earth. The result of Cell's creation makes him the perfect warrior because he has all the powers, strengths, traits and other qualities that could only be available to a genetically altered being. I had so much fun drawing Cell easy because it brought me back to the days when I used to be a faithful follower of the Dragon Ball Z manga and anime. I do believe that all you DBZ fans out there will enjoy this tutorial too. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment, rating or better yet, both. I shall return once again shortly. Peace out and have fun!

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